ilke Homes Ltd is seeking public views in respect of land north of Shirley Road, Rushden (hereafter referred to as 'the Site'), which ilke Homes hopes to bring forward for residential development.

The purpose of this website is to provide information in respect of the Site, including its existing baseline condition as well as the preliminary development proposals. The website also offers an opportunity to provide feedback on the preliminary proposals, as well as including a recording of the virtual consultation event, which was held on Wednesday 2nd December at 18:30.


Lastly, there is an opportunity to sign up to our newsletter, should you wish to be kept informed as to the progress of the proposals and planning application.



ilke Homes Ltd is a Yorkshire-based manufacturer of modular homes, with development teams also based in the Midlands, the South East and South West. ilke Homes offers a variety of new modular homes, including traditional styled homes suitable for first-time buyers or those downsizing, as well as large family homes. Each home benefits from contemporary décor, open plan living and customisable interiors and exteriors.  All homes are precision-engineered in warm and dry factory conditions by skilled craftsmen and engineers to ensure the highest quality of finish and consistency.


The factory in Knaresborough currently has the capacity to produce 2,000 homes per year. By manufacturing the homes offsite, ilke Homes is able to achieve huge carbon savings, both during construction and once the homes are operational. By taking the majority of the build stage offsite, the company is able to significantly reduce vehicular movements to site, both helping to reduce carbon emissions as well as disruption to the local communities.

In 2019 ilke Homes received the backing from Homes England, who provided investment amounting to 30 million pounds.


ilke Homes is the only volumetric housebuilder in the UK with a fully approved NHBC warranty, meaning that our homes are fully accredited and mortgageable with the backing of all major high street banks and lenders. 


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Modular homes are manufactured through a process which involves producing and assembling elements of the homes offsite in a factory-controlled setting before they are delivered to a site for assembly.

Modular homes and other modern methods of construction (MMCs) are becoming more prevalent within the housebuilding industry and should not be compared with historical 'prefabricated' houses of times gone by. Contemporary modular homes are constructed using the same materials, standards and codes as 'conventionally' built homes. However, by undertaking the manufacturing process in factory-controlled conditions, the process can be completed in around half the time of a 'conventional' development.

There also numerous other benefits of modular homes, including:​​

Reduced risk of complaints about on-site noise and disruption during construction.

Whilst there may be a need to transport new homes to site, the overall frequency of vehicle movements is less than a 'conventional' development, as only the finished product is delivered to site, rather than numerous phases of raw construction materials.

The build process is generally unaffected by the weather and other environmental delays.

Modular homes are typically structurally superior when compared when to other forms of construction, due to the need for the homes to be transported successfully and safely.

More environmentally friendly – the process generates less waste and allows for any extra materials to be recycled in-house. Additionally, ilke Homes is able to manufacture its homes to consistently achieve a ‘B’ Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating as a minimum, with the majority achieving an ‘A’ – making them more energy-efficient than 92 percent of the UK’s housing stock.

Reduces the risks of accidents and related liabilities for workers.

The modular homes built by ilke Homes are accredited by both Buildoffsite Property Assurance scheme and the National House Building Council (NHBC) and are fully mortgageable, supported by NatWest, Nationwide and HSBC.


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As the population increases, the number of homes required to house this population also increases. In particular;

  • People are living longer, presenting a requirement for more homes

  • More homes are needed so that younger people are not forced to move away from the place they grew up in, as well as allowing for people to relocate to a location from elsewhere

  • Throughout people’s lives, there is a need to ‘up-size' or ‘down-size' to bigger or smaller houses depending on personal circumstances

  • Houses prices in the UK are rising faster than inflation, creating an urgent need for more affordable homes

At the centre of the government’s strategy to helping the UK economy recover from Covid-19 is Boris Johnson’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ pledge. If government, at both central and local level, wants to ramp up its efforts in delivering more affordable homes, the deliverability and sustainability benefits that modular housing can provide will assist hugely in order to meet demand.


The Site is located on the northern edge of Rushden, adjacent to its border with Higham Ferrers, and is approximately 0.5 miles (1 km) north of the centre of Rushden. The Site is a predominantly greenfield extending to approximately 3.6 hectares (9 acres). However, an area of brownfield land also exists within its centre. The Site is irregular in shape and is bound to the east by a railway line to the east and by residential properties to the north, south and west. The Site is located in Flood Zone 1, the area at least risk from flooding. The Site is not subject to any other environmental or historical designations.

The Site does not currently benefit from a vehicular access, although an informal pedestrian route exists from Prospect Avenue to the north of the Site, running through the eastern section of the Site and connecting to Shirley Road to the south. It is understood that this path is currently subject to a community-based application to be recorded on the County’s definitive map of public rights of way. This application is understood have been made on the grounds of long use of the path without interruption and as of right by the public. This footpath connection would be formalised as part of any development proposal. 


The Site is allocated for residential development within the Rushden Neighbourhood Plan, which was adopted in 2018. Policy H2 (Location of New Housing Development) allocates the site for a minimum of 150 dwellings and refers to the Site as ‘Site C – Shirley Road’.

The Neighbourhood Plan defines the following requirements for the Site: 

  • the proposed development will make provision for older peoples’ accommodation

  • the proposed development will provide for appropriate vehicular and pedestrian access

  • any application for development of the site will demonstrate that ground conditions have been investigated and any necessary remediation or mitigation is to be undertaken

  • the proposed development will make provision for publicly accessible open space and a well-connected network of public footpaths, and

  • the proposed development will provide for a minimum of 150 dwellings.

Any application proposals coming forward on the Site will seek to adhere to these requirements wherever possible. 


The current proposal has evolved through preliminary work which we have undertaken to help us understand the site and the surrounding area. The project team, which incorporates a variety of specialist consultants, has contributed into the formulation of the current preliminary Site layout plan and elevational drawings, for the purposes of consultation.

The preliminary site layout includes:

135 new modular homes, 100% of which are to be delivered as affordable housing (as defined by the National Planning Policy Framework, Annex 2: Glossary)

A mix types and sizes of homes, ranging from 1 bed properties which are adapted for wheelchair use, up to 4 bedroomed family homes. This will create a diverse and balanced community

Access from Prospect Avenue

Providing ecological enhancements, resulting in biodiversity net gain

Retention of existing trees and hedgerows, wherever possible

Formalisation of existing footpath link from Prospect Avenue to Shirley Road

Provision of informal open space and a sustainable drainage system (SuDS) to manage surface water and ensure there is no increased risk of flooding, either on site or elsewhere



As part of the process of preparing a planning application, ilke Homes would like to invite local people to be involved in the process from an early stage, so that their views can be properly taken into account.

As such, ilke Homes would be grateful for any comments provided via the form below. All thoughts and suggestions received as part of this consultation will be carefully considered and taken into account prior to the submission of any planning application. Any information provided will only be used for consultation purposes and will not be shared with any third parties. 

Furthermore, ilke Homes hosted a virtual online exhibition on Wednesday 2nd December at 18:30which provided an opportunity to view the proposals while the project team explained them in more detail. There was also an opportunity for residents to ask questions. A link to a recording of the online exhibition is provided via the buttons on this website.


1 - 5 scale from 'Strongly Disagree' to 'Strongly Agree'

1. There is a need for more affordable homes in Rushden.
2. I support the provision of 100 percent affordable homes on this site.
3. I support the provision of a new public footpath between Shirley Road and Prospect Avenue, improving access to the town centre for local residents.
4. The reduced construction traffic as a result of modular homes is a key benefit of the proposals.
5. The environmental benefits of a modular scheme are important.
8. Would you like to be kept informed as the proposals progress?
7. Which of the following types of homes do you think are needed in the area? (Please tick all that apply)

Thank you! Your form has been submitted.



ilke Homes will read and consider all responses and use them to help shape the planning application proposals. A planning application will then be submitted to East Northamptonshire Council, who will formally consult local people on the final scheme.